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2010 CD Calendar

Hi Everyone!  I'm so glad you stopped by to visit!

It's been another busy week planning for the CD Calendar Class and then holding the class this weekend.  Because there are 12 calendar pages for this project, I've created a separate photo album for the calendar project.  You'll find it on the right sidebar right under My Gallery.  Each photo page has the list of supplies for each calendar page.  At Pals Paper Arts, this week's challenge is "Anything BUT a card" and I think this project fits the criteria, don't you?   


I've been making these calendars for gifts for a few years now.  I make them primarily for family; however, my family is pretty large, so I'll be busy making these calendar pages for the next few weeks.  I've found that once you give one of these calendars for a gift, the people who receive the gift begin to expect them year after year.  Most keep their calendar on the desktop beside their home computer because it's so quick to flip the calendar pages to check dates. 

The neat thing about making these calendars is deciding which stamp set(s) to use for each month.  It's a great opportunity to dig out those stamp sets that don't get used too often and find a new use for them.  Another challenge with these calendars is that you only get a single surface to work with.  When you're used to making cards or scrapbook pages that employ multiple layers, you may find that creating a calendar page becomes an opportunity to sharpen your basic stamping skills.

Give it a try!  You can find the calendar pages for download here .



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Margaret Moody

I love these, Mickey! Such a fun and useful gift! Great idea if you have a lot of people on your gift list! Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Harwood

Your calendars turned out beautiful!

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